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Birth Trauma Malpractice

Birth injury defects are among some of the most devastating to see. These birth injuries are oftentimes very serious and occur in the most innocent of people: babies. Birth injury defects cause an innocent child a lifetime of pain and struggle with injuries and results that they can never change. While there are a slew of birth injuries that can occur, the most common of them include:

  • Cleft Palate
  • Cleft Lip
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Erb’s Palsy

Birth injuries can occur for a number of different reasons. In most cases the injuries result when a doctor, nurse or other member of the medical staff did not properly care for a mother in labor. It could be an infection, a lack of oxygen for the mom or the baby, a compressed umbilical cord or the need for a C-section that causes these birth defects to occur. These are just a handful of the reasons that birth defects have occurred. Another common cause of a birth defect is when the hospital staff tries to use the wrong methods to deliver the baby. This includes using forceps in an incorrect manner or applying to much pressure to the babies head when using the forceps. Sometimes the injuries are so severe death can occur.

No matter what causes them to occur the doctor and medical staff have failed to protect you and your unborn child when these things take place. You trust these doctors and medical professionals so much. You trust them to help you deliver a beautiful baby into the world and it is more than devastating when something goes wrong that causes your child to suffer, especially when the right attention could have prevented it from happening in the first place.

Taking Care of Baby

You love your child but now you are going to experience a lifelong battle with doctor visits, medications and other trauma. It isn’t fair for your child or for you. Some of the possible birth defects that can occur require round the clock care for the child, such as Cerbral Palsy. These things can take a toll on your life and that of your child, not to mention rack up a large number of medical bills.

Life is certainly not the same after birth defects have occurred and it is likely that you will need all of the help that you can get in the years ahead of caring for your child. This includes emotional support, but financial support as well. This is never an easy situation to be inside of but one that you are left with no choice thanks to a medical staff who did not protect you.

A Possible Birth Trauma Lawsuit

Lawsuits are possible if your child has suffered from birth defects that you believe to have been caused by a lack of good judgment or action with the staff of the medical center. These lawsuits certainly cannot change what has happened to your child, but they can provide you with assurance that tomorrow will be oaky. In a lawsuit you can win a cash settlement or award that provides you money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. Oftentimes these settlements are quite large. While they certainly provide much needed money for the families of the children, the real reward comes when you know that your child has received the justice they are entitled to receive.

Not all cases of babies born with birth defects are probable cause for a lawsuit, however there are many that are. The best way to determine if your child’s problems are related to medical malpractice and if they qualify for a lawsuit is to speak with a lawyer. You should have information readily available for the lawyer regarding the case and what has taken place. The lawyer will dig deep into this information and determine what should be done. If it is determined the medical staff  or the doctor could have done something differently and prevented the injuries you could have a lawsuit.

There are a number of lawyers who specialize in handling birth defect cases. They are experts in the field and understand what you are going through. They fight for your rights and those of your child, ensuring that justice is served and that you receive the most money allowable for your case and your child’s injuries.   They work hard on your case day in and day out and do not rest until they see that justice is going to prevail. The most innocent beings on the earth certainly do not deserve the consequences that have been prevailed upon them.

It seems that there are more birth injuries taking place in a few specific states. Those states include Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi. If you live in one of these states and are having a baby soon, ensure that you are well prepared. Make sure that you are comfortable with your doctor and choose  a well-respected hospital to give birth in. these things wil reduce the odds of something going wrong and will also provide you with peace of mind,. Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in this world and you should not have to worry about birth defects. When you have chose n the doctor and the hospital with consideration you can spend your time enjoying the miraculous birth and the new addition to your family as you should be.

A lawyer will speak to you regarding the case and help you determine what steps should be taken next in the matter. Most of the time the lawyer will speak to you at no cost and may even start your case with no money needed, paid only when you win the case. The lawyer understands the pain and trauma that you are experiencing and they work to make the encounter as smooth as possible. They’ll need to gather information from you but you can be sure they will work diligently to see that you and your child get the justice that you deserve.

Our Birth Trauma Experience

Members of our medical malpractice team are experienced in medical malpractice claims. Attorneys in our firm have handled medical malpractice cases for decades, and we will utilize our experience and use qualified experts to fight for our clients and their families. We use our hard work, dedication, and resources to fight for justice for our clients and get our clients the compensation they deserve.

How can I determine if medical malpractice has been committed?

The complexity of the medical and legal questions makes it extremely difficult for patients or relatives of an injured patient to determine on their own whether or not suspected medical malpractice has in fact, and in the eyes of the law, occurred.  If you suspect medical malpractice has occurred, you are welcome to contact our team of attorneys today for a free initial consultation at 1-800-632-1404.

No Recovery, No Fee

We take cases on a contingent basis, meaning that there is generally no cost to you unless we are able to recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf. We also front all litigation costs, meaning you need no money down to hire us as your attorneys.Litigation costs can include filing fees, court reporter fees for deposition, copying costs, experts, and travel. If you recover via trial or settlement, we are reimbursed our fronting of litigation costs out of any damages you are awarded. The actual percentage agreement between our firm and our clients may differ depending on each case. We invite you to contact us to discuss in more detail how we can help you, but please remember if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

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