Essure Lawsuit: An Analysis of Recent Product Liability Claims Against Bayer

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The FDA nod for Essure black box warning and persistent campaign by advocacy groups seeking the birth control device recall have led to a surge in Essure lawsuit filing. Thousands of women who had complications of varying degrees following the contraceptive coil implant have been consulting Essure injury lawyers to evaluate and file product liability claims.

Essure Lawsuit Filed Claiming Hysterectomy

A Connecticut woman has filed an Essure lawsuit seeking product liability compensation on the ground that she required to have a hysterectomy or uterus removal surgery to remove the contraceptive coil. The plaintiff underwent the birth control device implant in March 2012. Soon after, she experienced a number of complications associated with Essure side effects, such as pelvic pain, bleeding, depression, and discomfort while having sex.

According to the Essure injury lawyer representing the woman, she was forced to seek the removal of the birth control coil within a year, as complications adversely affected her life. But there was no other way than to perform a hysterectomy to remove the contraceptive coil. The Essure lawsuit alleges that “had defendants properly warned or reported the adverse events to the FDA as required under federal law, the warnings would have reached Plaintiff’s implanting physician in time to prevent Plaintiff’s injuries.” Manufacturer Bayer is being blamed for withholding complaints about the safety and efficacy of the contraceptive and causing thousands of unsuspicious users to suffer from Essure side effects.

32 Women File Essure Lawsuit Filed Claiming Debilitating Injuries

Within weeks of FDA black box warning announcement, 32 women filed an Essure lawsuit in St. Louis Circuit Court seeking product liability against Bayer. These women reportedly had permanent and debilitating injuries after undergoing Essure sterilization. According to the Essure injury lawyer representing the plaintiffs, the manufacturer was aware of potential risks associated with the birth control device, but did not disclose the same to warn consumers and medical professionals for the sake of commercial interest.

All 32 women suffered from various Essure side effects, such as uterus and fallopian tube perforation, device migration, continued pain and infection, allergic reaction, and other complications. In Canada, a potential Essure class action lawsuit has already been initiated.

25 Women File Essure Lawsuit Claiming Devastating Complications

A recent Essure lawsuit filed jointly by 25 women seeks compensation for each plaintiff for severe and debilitating injury she had after using the birth control device. Submitted at the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court, the product liability litigation highlights “severe pelvic pain, infection, incontinence, tingling in the extremities, blurred vision, device migration, and hysterectomy” in plaintiffs following the contraceptive coil implant.

“Defendants ‘handed out’ this equipment to unqualified physicians, including plaintiffs’ implanting physician, in an effort to sell its product; defendants knew or failed to recognize that the implanting physician was not qualified to use such specialized equipment yet provided the equipment to the unqualified implanting physician in order to capture the market,” the Essure lawsuit claims.

According to their Essure injury lawyer, many plaintiffs were forced to undergo partial or complete hysterectomy following injuries or during the device removal. The implant, in many cases, slips out of its original place and migrate to other areas. This migration leads to perforation of pelvic and reproduction organs.

All Essure lawsuits filed accuse Bayer of introducing faulty device, breach of warranty, failure to inform side effects, and fraudulent concealment. The manufacturer is expected to be sued by hundreds of such claims seeking product liability in the coming months. Contact our Essure injury lawyer or call on 1-800-632-1404 for an evaluation of your product liability claim.

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