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A Tennessee whistleblower allegation has led to prosecution of a former Knox County trustee under the state false claim law. Mike Lowe has been charged in a Tennessee false claims lawsuit initiated by a “ghost employee” of siphoning taxpayers’ money. The accused reportedly paid salary to ghost employees and bonus to those did not deserve the compensation and was also involved in false billing. A jury indicted Lowe in April 2012 that paved the way for his trial on six felony theft charges.

The Tennessee false claims act attorney leading the prosecution has also submitted documents showing how the former trustee paid almost five-time more to his friend’s firm for a contract involving preparation of property titles. He paid $250 per title search and abstract compared to $50 the vendor paid to each lawyer. In many cases, payments were done even though the work is not performed.

The TN false claim lawsuit names Lowe and two of his companions for using the public funds as “piggy bank.”  While Lowe held the position for 13 years, the allegations were based on payments made between 2004 and 2008.

In another incident, a Tennessee whistleblower has revealed that modified guard rail devices are designed and manufactured in violation of the Federal Highway Administration specifications. The discloser came after 27 lives lost and 324 injured seriously in over 1,400 guard rail crashes.

What Are Inferred Rights of a Tennessee Whistleblower?

  • Right to disclose anything that leads to misappropriation of public funds, violate laws, or threaten public interest.
  • Right to be protected against retaliation by his employer or defendants.
  • Right to compensation from a part of the total recovery subject to the state law.
  • Right to fight his claim and hire a Tennessee whistleblower lawyer if the state declines to participate in the prosecution.

What Are Whistleblower Laws?

The federal False Claims Act came into existence in 1863 to “protect the government from unscrupulous contractors.” It was extensively revised in 1986 offering safeguard to whistleblowers against unfair dismissal and encouraging qui tam lawsuits through an award from recovered funds.

The Tennessee False Claim Act provides the very basis for the whistleblowers and their attorneys to act. Expanded in 2001, it lays down details of damages to be recovered from the convicted party and compensation for the qui tam plaintiff.

In 1993, Tennessee Medicaid False Claims Act was implemented to encourage, protect, and compensate whistleblowers disclosing dishonest business practices related to the healthcare funds.

What Are Safeguards for Tennessee Whistleblowers?

  • “Tennessee Code Ann. § 50-1-304” provides safeguards for whistleblowers and encourages qui tam lawsuits highlighting fraud and misappropriation of state or federal funds as stipulated under the False Claim Act.
  • “Tennessee Codes Ann.§ § 50-3-106(7), 50-3-409” assure protection for whistleblowers revealing violations related to health and safety guidelines by their employers.

Do I Need a Tennessee False Claims Attorney?

It is important for a whistleblower to consult with an expert Tennessee false claims attorney. His help is important to prepare the documents and expose the false claim in presentations before the Justice Department. Even plaintiffs go on their own when the government refuses to intervene or party to the prosecution.

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