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As a whistleblower attorney, we are interested in speaking with persons willing to make known the truth about company practices and are willing to file a qui tam or whistleblower action.

Workers and persons all across the country witness actions at their work that may be unlawful or even corrupt. Unfortunately, some employees and workers feel that they will be fired, terminated, harrassed or punished if they report an unlawful or corrupt action. These reporters, however, are protected by the law as a Whistleblower and can receive compensation because of the False Claims Act. If you have reported actions that may be fraudulent, then you should talk to a Whistleblower or qui tam lawyer about your facts.

Healthcare Fraud

  • Medicare Fraud
  • Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law Violations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Device Fraud
  • Fraudulent Healthcare Billing
  • Services Not Rendered/Add-On Services
  • Upcoding and Unbundling/Fragmentation
  • False Certifications and Information
  • Fraudulent Cost Reports
  • Grant or Program Fraud

Government Contract/Benefits Fraud

  • Fraudulent Use of Minority Business Enterprise / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • Defense Contracting Fraud
  • Procurement Fraud: includes providing goods of inferior quality, participating in false claims or deceitful billing schemes between contractors, overbilling or inflating rates and billing for incomplete work, among other things.
  • Disaster Relief Fraud: includes on the part of businesses and individuals contracted to provide these disaster relief products and services. Some of these disaster relief false claims involve allegations of services not performed, products never used, overpricing, double billing and services provided by ineligible or unlicensed contractors.
  • Stimulus Fund Fraud: can include gross mismanagement of an agency contract or grant, gross waste of covered funds, or an abuse of authority related to the implementation or use of covered funds.
  • Education False Claims: often involve overcharging for books sold to schools, libraries, and government agencies; fraud related to research grants and contracts; private education consultant fraud; and higher education recruiting, financial aid, and placement fraud.

Taxpayer Whistleblower / IRS Whistleblower

Frequently Asked Questions

False Claims Act Recovery As a Relator

Under the various provisions of the federal False Claims Acts, as the first-in-time whistleblower, you could be entitled to up to 30% of any collected proceeds by the Government. In order to obtain these funds, you must approach us as soon as possible as the first to file rule controls the Relator award share.

False Claims Act Cases on Contingency Fee

We handle your case under a contingency fee, meaning you do not have to pay us any money down to start the case, and we are not paid an attorney’s fee until there is a settlement or verdict, with a Relator’s share paid by the Government.

False Claims Act Confidentiality

We understand that you want to keep your knowledge confidential until the time is right to publicly disclose wrongdoing of another. We will work with you to confidentially discuss any potential claim.

Let Us Help You

Whistleblowers help the government to get back billions of dollars each year with the help of the False Claims Act. In fact, fraudulent Medicaid claims are also caught by whistleblowers having the Medicaid False Claims Act on their side. If you report a false claim or fraudulent action to the government, then the government will give you, the whistleblower, a part of the money that gets recovered. This is because of qui tam requirements. Qui Tam means that a person files a lawsuit for the king and also for him or herself. These requirements and lawsuits were made popular during the Civil War when many people were getting away with fraudulent actions against the government. In 1986, the False Claims Act was amended to raise the total compensation given to people who reported fraudulent actions, or whistleblowers. If a whistleblower works with a lawyer then it may be possible for them to get three times the amount the government would get in damages and also get additional compensation for general fines.

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