Single Mother of Two Suffers Severe Bard G2 IVC Side Effects


A New York woman, who is a single mother of two children, has filed a Bard G2 IVC lawsuit against manufacturer C.R. Bard, seeking $75,000 in damages. The plaintiff alleges that she suffered severe Bard G2 IVC side effects due to the defective design of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters. Accusing the manufacturer of introducing a defective design filter in the market, the complainant alleges that the device fractures and breaks in the body, resulting in serious injuries for the patient. In some patients, the device even moves from its position to travel to the lungs or heart, causing extreme complications for the patient. Unfortunately, the complications have even caused death of some patients.

The plaintiff, who had a history of deep vein thrombosis, had got the device implanted to prevent the blood clots from traveling through the inferior vena cava to the lungs or heart. Inferior vena cava is the vein that carries de-oxygenated blood from the lower body to the heart. The bard G2 IVC filter was designed to obstruct the clot and prevent it from traveling to or entering the lungs in order to prevent pulmonary embolism – a life-threatening condition.

Unfortunately, the plaintiff did not get the filter removed within a month or two of its implantation, as she was unaware that the Bard G2 IVC filters must be retrieved within 29-52 days. As a result, the device stayed in her body for several years until she started experiencing severe abdominal pain and went for imaging tests. The doctors discovered that the IVC filter had broken and pieces of the device migrated to and punctured her inferior vena cava, with struts of the device jutting toward the lumbar spine.

The plaintiff’s surgeon advised that the removal procedure was riskier than leaving the displaced device pieces in her body. As a result, the complainant, who is the sole source of support for her two kids, continues to experience pain and suffering, undergoing constant stress that an imminent danger was hanging large that could even cause her death. The plaintiff seeks damages from C.R. Bard for negligence, failure to warn, defective design, and breach of warranties.

Other Similar Lawsuits

The mounting number of Bard G2 IVC lawsuits indicates that not all is well with the Bard filters that were marketed extensively by its manufacturer, claiming that the device could successfully prevent movement of blood clots to the heart or lungs. Unfortunately, around 27 people have died from the injuries sustained from the device’s displacement within the body. The families of the victims have sued C.R. Bard for promoting a product with potentially fatal flaws.

The son of a woman accuses C.R. Bard of distributing a defective product in the market. His mother Gloria Adams had got a filter implanted after a brain aneurysm in 2004. Unfortunately, the woman died a week later, as her autopsy showed that the filter was rendered incapable and a clot pushed the filter into her heart and punctured it.

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