Poor Design Blamed for Severe Complications in Bard G2 IVC Lawsuit

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Inferior Vena Cava filters (IVC) are marketed as a solution to prevent blood clots from migrating to the lungs and preventing pulmonary embolism. IVC filters are often recommended when patients with deep vein thrombosis cannot take anticoagulation drug therapy. Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that these IVC filters fail in the body, often breaking, fracturing and causing injuries, complications, and even death. In fact, a number of Bard G2 IVC lawsuits have been filed against C.R. Bard by victims or their loved ones, accusing Bard of marketing defectively designed filters.

All lawsuits share similar allegations, claiming that the filter tilts out of its place of insertion due to its defective design. As a result, it fails to prevent clots from moving to the heart or lungs, puncturing the vena cava and resulting in serious complications for patients. The migration of metal pieces of the filter causes further Bard G2 IVC side effects, leading to fatal injuries.

What is Bard IVC Filter?

Bard introduced the second generation G2 filter following the failure of its first generation IVC filters, which were also associated with perforation, fracturing, puncturing, and migration. However, the reported number of Bard G2 IVC side effects only point toward the failure of the repackaged devices from the manufacturer.

The Bard G2 IVC lawsuits accuse Bard of marketing a defectively designed product and ignoring the mounting reports of filter failures. According to a recent study, those receiving the spider-like IVC filters are at a two times greater risk of pulmonary embolism compared to those on an anticoagulant therapy. There are even reports of the device disappearing in some patients, posing a grave risk to their health.

Bard G2 IVC Side Effects

  • Migration, disappearance, or puncturing of the device in the body
  • Puncture of the uterus, resulting in further problems
  • Severe migraine, chronic pelvic pain from the metal pieces
  • Tear of the colon due to the migration of the defective filter
  • Severe allergic reactions to metal components of the device

Lawsuits accuse Bard of its failure to place safety labels on the device regarding its exact removal time from the body after the clot burden has passed. As a result, a large number of people continue to bear the brunt of injuries and Bard G2 IVC side effects, which could be prevented if patients had been informed about the timeline to get the devices removed.

In a warning to Bard, the FDA wrote that the manufacturer was responsible for eight violations of federal law with regard to the safety of its retrievable filters. The violations include illegally selling adulterated and misbranded IVC Filters, withholding crucial information from public, having inadequate device testing procedures, and failing to report complications and violating complaint handling procedures. The FDA wrote that Bard failed to submit a report even after it became aware of information that reasonably suggests that its removable filters malfunctioned and that continued marketing of a defective product would threaten the life of potential users.

The makers of these defective IVC filters continue to be sued by patients or their families for the pain & suffering due to filter embolization, perforation of vena cava, and filter migration.

If you or a loved one has undergone suffering due to C.R. Bard G2 IVC side effects or complications, you can file a claim for compensatory damages. Come in touch with our Bard G2 IVC attorneys at (800) 632-1404 for a free case evaluation.

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