Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to move into a nursing home yourself or place a parent or disabled relative in such a care facility is never easy. Once that decision is made, however, you rightfully expect nursing home personnel to care for all residents according to reasonable standards. Sadly, applicable standards of care are violated every day in nursing homes across Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee, exposing the elderly and vulnerable to unnecessary pain and suffering, life-threatening illnesses and even early death. If you have reason to suspect nursing home neglect or abuse , we encourage you to contact our team of attorneys today.

Pressure Sores Attorneys

Any properly trained caregiver for the elderly and incapacitated should be highly aware of the seriousness of bedsores. The names bedsores and pressure sores may not immediately suggest life-threatening conditions, but the presence of these sores — also sometimes called decubitus ulcers or skin ulcers — can lead to severe and even deadly infections. Bedsores can result from leaving a nursing home resident in the same position for extended periods. Poor hygiene and skin care, along with inadequate nutrition and/or dehydration, may impede an elderly person’s ability to resist or fight off infection. This serious health problem is preventable through adherence to reasonable standards of nursing home care.

Nursing Home Inadequate Supervision

Our investigative skills and experience in complex injury and accident litigation are important assets when we pursue a nursing home case. Our team stands ready to evaluate whether you may be able to recover compensation after events such as:

  • A fall that appears attributable to inadequate staff supervision and attendance during normal activities, or from a patient with memory or cognitive challenges wandering into an unsafe area
  • Injury to a resident during transfer into or out of bed
  • Your discovery of a nursing home resident’s serious, unexplained physical injuries consistent with a fall or physical abuse

Nursing Home Dehydration Attorneys

When you make the decision that a loved one needs nursing home care, you may be shown only the best side of what goes on inside the facility you choose. While there are many well-run, safe nursing homes throughout Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee, an investigation can confirm suspected elder abuse and neglect.

Nutrition cannot be taken for granted when it comes to nursing home residents. Many need personal attention and daily monitoring to ensure they eat properly and get enough fluids. The food budget — along with staffing — are often the subject of cost-saving efforts at nursing homes. If you have seen evidence of malnutrition or dehydration, action may be required to protect your loved one and others.

Malnutrition and dehydration are very harmful for anyone, but especially for the elderly, increasing their risk for bedsores, serious infections, broken bones, pneumonia and other serious conditions. If surgery is ever needed, survival chances may be reduced.

When you entrusted the well-being of your elderly or disabled loved one to a nursing home or other type of long-term care facility, you rightfully expected that the institution would watch out for your family member’s safety and well-being. If your mother or father was in a nursing home because of risks posed by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you of course expected that security procedures would prevent wandering off, abuse or abduction.

Nursing Home Neglect – Wandering and Elopement

It is no surprise that and your family would be shocked, worried and grief-stricken if your loved one wandered off from a nursing home and was injured. How could a resident of the long-term care facility just leave the premises without anyone noticing? Put your mind at rest by doing the right thing and insisting on a full investigation of the incident. If your loved one suffered injury or was killed in a car-pedestrian accident after leaving the nursing home unnoticed by security personnel, you may have expenses to cover such as medical bills or funeral and burial costs. In addition, you may feel a need for acknowledgment of your emotional pain in a tangible way.

A nursing home is supposed to be the safest place for your elderly parent or disabled family member, a haven with medical care and round-the-clock supervision. You should not have to worry that your loved one’s life is in danger. If you are suspicious about a loved one’s unexpected or unexplained death in an elder care facility, our team of attorneys has the means and the experience to pursue justice. We have held nursing homes across Iowa accountable for wrongful death stemming from neglect or negligence. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death Attorneys

Many people who are admitted to nursing homes are not long for this world because of grave illness or multiple health problems. But when a parent or relative in relatively good health takes a dramatic turn for the worse, or dies from a fall or other accident, you may have your doubts.

Our team of trial lawyers is prepared to investigate the circumstances of any suspicious death to identify how the facility may be liable:

  • Dehydration or malnutrition — Did anyone chart fluid and food intake? Did your loved one need help eating or drinking? Did the facility fail to administer an IV or summon emergency medical care.
  • Head injuries from falls — Was your loved one dropped by staff members? Was he or she walking without assistance despite known fall risks?
  • Infections and sepsis — Did your family member have bedsores or other signs of neglect? Did the nursing home fail to transfer him or her to a hospital?
  • Undiagnosed conditions — Did the staff follow up on patient complaints? Did nurses and doctors miss telltale signs of illness or acute medical conditions? When was the last time a staff physician examined your loved one?
  • Failure to thrive after a broken hip — Many people enter a nursing home after hip surgery. Was the staff vigilant for signs of infection and other complications? Did your loved one fall after the surgery? Did staff follow the physical therapy regimen?

Prepared to Investigate Abuse or Neglect Claims and Take Decisive Legal Action

Our law firm takes action to investigate serious allegations of nursing home neglect and abuse. We prioritize exposure and accountability for egregious treatment of our elders, especially when administrators engage in a pattern of denial to avoid financial accountability. Our team of nursing home abuse attorneys are up to the challenges of helping residents of Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee, including:

  • Proving the role of factors such as negligent hiring, inadequate staffing or training, and profit-motivated business decisions in causing serious personal injury or a wrongful death
  • Representing the injured and/or their families in jury trials to assign substantial value to the life, health and dignity of nursing home residents

How can I determine if a nursing home caused an injury?

The complexity of the medical and legal questions makes it extremely difficult for patients or relatives of an injured patient to determine on their own whether or not suspected injuries have in fact, and in the eyes of the law, occurred due to a nursing home’s actions. You are welcome to contact our team of attorneys today for a free initial consultation at 1-800-632-1404.

No Recovery, No Fee in Nursing Home Injury Cases

We take cases on a contingent basis, meaning that there is generally no cost to you unless we are able to recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf. We also front all litigation costs, meaning you need no money down to hire us as your attorneys. Litigation costs can include filing fees, court reporter fees for deposition, copying costs, experts, and travel. If you recover via trial or settlement, we are reimbursed our fronting of litigation costs out of any damages you are awarded. The actual percentage agreement between our firm and our clients may differ depending on each case. We invite you to contact us to discuss in more detail how we can help you, but please remember if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

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