Single Mother of Two Suffers Severe Bard G2 IVC Side Effects

A New York woman, who is a single mother of two children, has filed a Bard G2 IVC lawsuit against manufacturer C.R. Bard, seeking $75,000 in damages. The plaintiff alleges that she suffered severe Bard G2 IVC side effects due to the defective design of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters. Accusing the manufacturer of introducing a defective design filter in the market, the complainant alleges that the device fractures and breaks in the body, resulting in serious injuries for the patient. In some … [Read more...]

An Analysis of Sexual Abuse Complaints Against Teachers in Tennessee

The rising incidents of Tennessee sexual abuse complaints against teachers expose the vulnerability of students in the state. Young and minor students are made victims of sexual assault, rape, consensual or non-consensual sex, psychological distress, physical problems and emotional scar leading to disturbances in their studies. A majority of plaintiffs filing Tennessee sexual abuse lawsuits against schools admit of living a life far from normal for years following teacher sex abuse. More than … [Read more...]

Essure Lawsuit: An Analysis of Recent Product Liability Claims Against Bayer

The FDA nod for Essure black box warning and persistent campaign by advocacy groups seeking the birth control device recall have led to a surge in Essure lawsuit filing. Thousands of women who had complications of varying degrees following the contraceptive coil implant have been consulting Essure injury lawyers to evaluate and file product liability claims. Essure Lawsuit Filed Claiming Hysterectomy A Connecticut woman has filed an Essure lawsuit seeking product liability compensation on … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Diabetic Care Negligence Put Residents at Risk of More Health Hazards

A Kentucky woman has filed a nursing home diabetic care negligence lawsuit against Symphony Crestwood, alleging that her insulin-dependent diabetic mother, who required skilled nursing care, was not properly cared for. The lawsuit claims that inadequate monitoring of blood glucose levels caused the plaintiff’s mother to go into coma, resulting in her death. The plaintiff seeks more than $50,000 in damages from the Kentucky nursing facility for negligent care. Diabetes and the Elderly Being … [Read more...]

Essure Lawsuit: Woman Claims Perforation of Reproductive Organs

As a Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky lawyer looking at Essure injury claims, I wanted to provide the following information.  New Essure lawsuit claims continue to be filed, as the call for market withdrawal of the birth control device is growing louder. A South Carolina woman, in one of the latest litigations, has sought product liability against the transvaginal device maker Bayer. According to the Essure attorney representing the lawsuit, the coil-shaped contraceptive broke inside the … [Read more...]

Tennessee False Claims Attorney Explores Medicaid Fraud Reporting by Whistleblowers

Tennessee, 28 other states and the federal government are expected to receive $4.1 million as a result of the actions of a Medicaid fraud whistleblower. Earlier in September 2015, a whistleblower and his Tennessee false claim attorney fought another Medicaid fraud forcing Louisville-based PharMerica Healthcare to pay $1.3 million. It was accused of billing TennCare for more drugs than used. In one of the largest Medicaid fraud recovery, Florida-based Adventist Health System, which also has … [Read more...]

“Essure Problems” Seek Congressional Probe into FDA Failure To Recall Essure Birth Control Device

As thousands visit Essure injury lawyers to explore possibility of product liability lawsuit over Essure side effects, an advocacy group is seeking a Congressional probe into FDA oversight of the birth control device. The 30,000-strong Facebook group “Essure Problems” with hundreds of women who had harrowing tales to tell about Essure side effects has been vocal against the FDA's failure to recall the contraceptive. It alleges that the FDA did not take into account the many reports of Essure … [Read more...]

Thrombosis Risk High From Unretrieved IVG filters

There have been increasing reports of complications from IVC (inferior vena cava) filters, which are supposedly designed to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs. A recent study links the IVG filters to thrombosis, claiming that there is a high risk of the devices puncturing internal organs. As opposed to the manufacturer’s claims that the retrievable devices are designed to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs, the filters have been found to fracture inside the body, thus … [Read more...]

FDA Mandates Black Box Warning To Highlight Essure Side Effects

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, under pressure from activists and women who suffered from Essure side effects, has finally asked manufacturer Bayer to add a “black box warning” to its controversial birth control device. The step was imminent in the face of large number of adverse events reported in print and social media over the years. A joint Essure lawsuit representing two dozen women has also been filed against Bayer for “actively withholding” information on the contraceptive side … [Read more...]

Essure Injury Lawsuits Continue To Rise

Over a million women in America use Essure permanent birth control system to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, thousands of women have filed an Essure injury lawsuit against Bayer, alleging that the device, claimed to be 100% effective by the manufacturer, has injured them. The plaintiffs demand monetary compensation from Bayer for the pain & suffering and a complete ban on the defective device. What is Essure? Essure is a contraceptive device that consists of two implantable metal … [Read more...]