An Analysis of Sexual Abuse Complaints Against Teachers in Tennessee

School Sexual Assault

The rising incidents of Tennessee sexual abuse complaints against teachers expose the vulnerability of students in the state. Young and minor students are made victims of sexual assault, rape, consensual or non-consensual sex, psychological distress, physical problems and emotional scar leading to disturbances in their studies. A majority of plaintiffs filing Tennessee sexual abuse lawsuits against schools admit of living a life far from normal for years following teacher sex abuse.

More than three-fourth victims consult a Tennessee sexual abuse attorney years after they subject to sex crimes. The delay in reporting student sex abuse incidents deeply rooted in our parental, institutional and social failures and distress such crimes commit. As a result, perpetrator teachers remain largely scot free for years and continue their sexual harassment.

The legal provisions include both criminal and civil filing of teacher sexual abuse lawsuits. While the criminal action following positive investigations results in imprisonment, a civil Tennessee sexual abuse lawsuit ensures the victim is duly compensated for losses, emotional scar and distress he or she experienced.

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Tennessee Student Victims of Sexual abuse at Receiving End

Teacher sexual abuse of students in Tennessee leaves a permanent scar in the minds of victims. This is discernible from the following signs.

  • About 70 percent of students sexually abused or harassed by teachers suffers from emotional distress and study problems
  • Students feel isolated, prefer to lead a secluded life beaten by a fear psychosis and embarrassment
  • Emotional scar remains forever impacting normal life
  • Victims become prone to violence, self-injury and mental problems
  • Sexual abuse of students by teacher may lead to defamation of character
  • Forced relocation, drop out from school or sports teams, public scrutiny, stress, humiliation
  • Feeling of being violated, loss of trust and traumatic experience
  • Post-complaint retaliation and backlash

Incidents of Sexual Abuse of Students in Tennessee

In February 2015, sexual abuse complaints rocked three of Tennessee’s universities. The federal administration launched an investigation in June into the “handling of sexual assault allegations against student athletes” by the University of Tennessee officials. Female athletes accused six football players of sexual assault. Students of Vanderbilt University were also indicted for aggravated rape of fellow students.

A Tennessee sex abuse class action lawsuit has been filed following a 2012 confession by a former Shelby County teacher of having sex with girl students. Daniel Acker was briefly placed on sexual offender registry in 1992 before reinstated by the Shelby County School Board of Education. A decade later, the teacher admitted of having “sexual abused other female students during his 17 year tenure for his sexual gratification.” His victims included an 11-year-old girl.

In November 2015, a Knoxville middle school teacher was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor student. Tennessee authorities charged Serena Rae Milan on 29 counts, including statutory rape, based on her sexual activity with the student.

The 2005 arrest of Pamela Rogers Turner was one of the most famous student sexual abuse incidents involving a Tennessee teacher. The convict had sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student of McMinnville-based Centertown Elementary School. Even during the suspended sentence, the teacher tried to seduce the student by sending the victim her nude pictures and videos.

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